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Addis Ababa - Beef & Veg Combo

Combination of Ethiopian traditional food based on the chief recommendation and as per your choice of taste. Please note we can accommodate any special dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian diets and food allergies)


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Entry is served as a strater before main dish.


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At the heart of every Ethiopian cooking is Injera, a very thin flat bread made from a gluten-free grain called Teff (the smallest grain in the world), which is grown only in Ethiopia. Injera is used to scoop up the Stews, which are of two main types: Wat & Alicha.

The Wats are distinctive for their use of berbere, a favorite Ethiopian seasoning based on red peppers and numerous other spices. They vary from mild to hot. The Alichas are delicately seasoned dishes flavored with more subtle spices, not including berbere, and are thus milder.

Salads & Sides


Salads & Sides



Ethiopian’s have also developed a parallel cuisine known as ye-tsom migib (fasting food) in response to the many fasting days per week, on which members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church follow a strict vegan diet. These dishes are prepared using oil rather than butter and consist of a large variety of seasonal vegetables, creating the wide choice of vegetarian dishes in the cuisine.