The proposed innovative media publicity package, which is one of a kind in our continent Africa, would expose your company’s Brand  to estimated   10,000,000 + customers locally and internationally. We will use state-of-the-art media publicity and marketing campaign targeting as wide an audience as possible. It is essential that we target local, national, regional as well as international audiences. The packages are highlighted as follows:

1.    19 days of Big Screen display of your company’s Advert & profile on 10 projectors & Sonic screens placed at selected  spots at the exhibition center, for over 10,000 times .
2.    Over 50 Sponsored &  Spot Adverts on EBS & EBC(ETV).
3.    Over 250 Sponsored &  Spot Adverts on the 7 Radio stations  including Zami, Sheger, Fana, FM Addis, Afro FM .
4.    Over 50 cover & inside page advertisement on 20 Newspaper  & magazines.
5.    Press Conferences for over 30 TV, Radio & Printing medias, that will be conducted during, pre & post event.
6.    Media Reviewed on the international EBS TV & Zami Radio for millions of audience all over Ethiopia and the world.
7.    We will produce Final Event Documentary to be broadcasted on major TVs , L’abyssine, Facebook, YouTube & DireTube websites for millions of audience and  500 copies DVD compilation which will be distributed for free to all the stakeholders.       
8.    Over  100 ADs  in 5 Cinema halls before the movie .
9.    Over 100 ADs  on 5 Sonic screens located in major spots of the city.
10.    Entrepreneurship Symposium & Award event, which will be conducted alongside with the event with wide media coverage.
11.    The highest balloon décor in Africa which will attract big media coverage
12.    Biggest Christmas Tree in Ethiopia which will also attract big media coverage.
13.    L’abyssine International Expo official website promtion.
14.    Social Media Networks promotion like: paid advertisement on Facebook, YouTube with every day event video update, under  Zami 90.7  Radio  station’s & DireTube website banner AD along with many  social media websites.
15.     Bulk SMS Advert campaign in over 100,000 SMS texts   
16.    Attractive Road show campaign .
17.    Full mesh sticker posted on the  Addis Ababa City public Bus body .  
18.    Over  5,000 car stickers that will be visible to pedestrians.
19.    Over 1,000 promotional calendars for the year 2015 that will be distributed to all the stakeholders at the festival finale & all throughout the following year for free.
20.    Over 1,000 T-shirts, Bag, Pen, wristbands and Chewing Gum bearing the logo that will be used by the participants, the organizers of the event and by visitors.
21.     Big size Billboards to be placed on 10 vital places in the city during, pre & post event and at the gates of Exhibition Center.
22.    Big size Wall Brandings to be placed on 5 vital places in the city during, pre & post event.
23.     Banners to be placed in 100 vital places in the city during, pre & post event.
24.    Banners to be placed at the gates of Exhibition Center, at the opening and closing ceremony podium, behind the Red Carpet Photo program & at the side of the Stage.
25.    Over 25,000 posters which will be posted on major places in the city.
26.    Over 100,000 fliers which will be distributed to every major place in the city.


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