Compared to previously prepared festivals, L’ABYSSINE has planed the most unique activities in the event. Setting a goal of doubling the visitor turnout to 500,000 and attaining maximum market opportunity, L’ABYSSINE will invest millions on the entertainment and innovative promotion package. The unique futures include;

•    Double Innovative promotion & daily Media coverage
•    Double entertainment over with 100 local &  international artists
•    Double Market with 30-60% promotional discount
•    Over 500,000  potential buyers
•    Over 400  local & international exhibitors & products
•    4 holydays in the expo dates
•    6 weekends
•    Brand New Car prize  
•    Symposium on entrepreneurship  & Award
•    More than 5 BIG screen live show
•    The highest balloon décor in Africa
•    The biggest Christmas tree in Ethiopia
•    Hospitality zone & Humanitarian activities
•    Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dam support
•    Miss L'abyssine - Fashion show
•    Children care & game zone with Santa clause’s free gifts
•    Free Airline ticket to Dubai & d/t cities tour prize
•    19 days of  daily special prizes by entrance ticket
•    Free entrance for purchase above birr 1,000
•    State-of-the-art event sound, light and décor
•    Specialized food, drinking & entertainment corner
•     Most famous local & international artists music concert
•    Red carpet ceremony , event video & photography  
•    Multi  stage  entertainment
•    Traditional music & dance show
•    Theatrical show
•    Dance competition
•    Talent search
•    Stand-up Comedy
•    Circus / magic show
•    Live Video Jokey  show (VJ/DJ)
•    Different  fun competition
•    Daily live media coverage  to millions  
•    Web based promotion * SEO
•    Short SMS advert
•    Event Magazine journal  
•    Event Documentary promotion

“Promoting Ethiopia and building our brand through economical sustainability”                    
L’abyssine International Business’s mission is to contribute to the long term development of greater Ethiopian economy and community. L’abyssine helps create a sense of pride in Ethiopia in the eyes of the World and helps establish Ethiopia as a global brand.

    Creating the Giga market network in Ethiopia and making Ethiopia the hub of business, tourism and communication in Africa.  

                          MAIN OBJECTIVE
• To have full accessed business communities to a globally networked platform.
He way
                   SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES
•     To enhance information sharing on business opportunities in the market.
•    To act on towards increasing volume of Sales.
•    To promote locally manufactured product and service (entrepreneurs)
•    Meet the deal makers and the new industrialists first hand, at the exhibition
•    Networking between business to business and between businesses and their prospective distributors.
•    To create a platform for the exhibitors to showcase their products and services to both local and international attendees.
•     To effect different concurrent events to create different opportunities for the community and the government.

•    Holydays Eve Trade Fair and Bazaar  are a dynamic and growing market
•    Composition of participants and visitors flow are extremely high
•    Promote entrepreneurs &  exports of locally produced goods;
•    Attract  foreign direct investment
•    Promote joint venture opportunities between Ethiopian citizens and foreign investors;
•    Industry players multiplying
•    Private sector inflows expanding
•    Stimulate a culture of entrepreneurship locally;
•    Technology advancement and product diversification is rapidly improving
•    Promote access to Ethiopian market for international exhibitors;
•    Exponential growth projected in the next five years
•    Business-to-Business Networking Opportunities
•    Conference and Knowledge Exchange on Entrepreneurship & award
•    Special live sales for 19 consecutive days

400 + attendees from Ethiopia and around the world:
•    Equipment Manufacturers
•    Distributors
•    Suppliers
•    Retailers
•    Importers
•    Financiers
•    Governmental Institutions
•    Donors
•    End-User Groups


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