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L’abyssine International Business was established in France  in 19 98 with the objective of promoting Ethiopian  Culture, Truism and Business. L’abyssine International Business is one of the sister companies under Milimak Business Group including Shakayna General Business PLC (event organizer ), Habesha Weekly Promotion PLC ( P.R & promotion partner), Awedi Industrial Manufacturing and Milimak Hotel and Real Estate . L’abyssine discovered Ethiopia; a country still unknown to many to millions of people in Europe by promoting Ethiopian Culture, Tourism and Business.  L’abyssine is participating in the biggest cultural events in France and Europe. Since 2004 L’abyssine strives to occupy prominent place in every major festivals in Europe including France, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany. Currently L’abyssine is expanding its services to the whole Europe and planned to reach all countries in the world especially where Ethiopian airline routine is reached  . In 2013 L’abyssine was visible to near over a million People.

Shakayna General Business PLC (event organizer) was established in 2000 in different business sectors with initial capital of 50 million to have part on the Country’s overall trade and investment activities. Currently, Shakayana General Business PLC has over 500 skilled professional employees and established a strong business network throughout the country appointing a highly motivated sales agents in all regional capitals since 2002. Our company has prepared strategic plan based on current performance evaluation and increase sale destination all over the country to fill the supply demand gap. The company has shown remarkable rate of growth in its financial and human resource development beyond its main objective of profit maximization. The company has been contributing its part in an unemployment and poverty reduction which is the main agenda of the government.
Habesha Weekly Promotion Plc ( P.R & promotion partner)  is a company established by renowned business owners and professionals having higher educational trainings and extensive experience in Creative arts , ICT and Marketing. Habesha Weekly is capitalizing on the growing ICT, Media & Entertainment market in Ethiopia and across the world by creating customized, full-featured solutions  and through the production of high quality innovative service & product.  Habesha Weekly had a very successful and hit TV show, which is named after the company’s name. Habsha Weekly TV show has been aired for a year on the international EBS TV, the TV show promotes Ethiopian growing entertainment and Tourism industry, including the nourishing Ethiopian Film & Music industry , with a special feature of Ethiopian Box office and Billboard chart. Including more than 7 variety on one show Habesha Weekly has gained millions of audience all over the world in short time. Habesha Weekly aspires to make Ethiopia the future African Hollywood.


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