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The name “L’abyssine” is derived from the former name (Abyssinia) of the present day Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, a country found in the Horn of Africa and known for its biodiversity & wealth of culture. L’abyssine with its principal stand & quest for healthy natural food, we serve only the selectively picked Ethiopian cuisine for it is the land of gluten-free food.

The nation is a land of natural contrasts, with its vast fertile west, its forests, and numerous rivers, and the world's hottest settlement of Dallol in its north. The Ethiopian Highlands are the largest continuous mountain ranges in Africa, and the Sof Omar Caves contains the largest cave on the continent. Ethiopia also has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa. Additionally, the sovereign state is a founding members of the UN, the Group of 24 (G-24), the Non-Aligned Movement, G-77 and the Organisation of African Unity. Its capital city Addis Ababa serves as the headquarters of the African Union, the Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, the African Standby Force, and many of the global NGOs focused on Africa.

L’abyssine represents and serves Ethiopian traditional food, which is commonly known for their spicy composition, natural ingredients and their medicinal role as a supplement (click here for further reading on their medicinal role). Ethiopia is home for 6500 to 7000 species of higher plants, from which 15% is endemic. Ethiopia is one of the top 5 countries in diversity of fauna in the Tropical Africa. Ethiopia is the center of origin of some unique edible crops and has a rich diversity of legumes and cereals. Some of which have remained largely unknown to the rest of the world.

Ethiopia is a country rich in history, culture, and food. The cuisine offers a unique array of spicy and flavorful food.  The modern Ethiopian menu has emerged out of a long tradition of farming and cooking practices in which the products of the land are applied to the cooking in new and inventive ways. The staple diet of Ethiopians is a fermented dough (or Injera) which accompanies all meals. It is made from the gluten-free flour of a grass species called Teff (Eragrostis Tef). For more information on Teff & its gluten-free nature, read on our website here.

The country with “Land of Origin “motto, is home for mankind origin – as evidences show with the ever oldest archeological discovery of Lucy found in the Afar region of Ethiopia. Some of the oldest skeletal evidence for anatomically modern humans has been found in Ethiopia. It is widely considered as the region from which modern humans first set out for the Middle East and places beyond.

Several important finds have propelled Ethiopia and the surrounding region to the forefront of palaeontology. The oldest hominid discovered to date in Ethiopia is the 4.2 million year old Ardipithicus ramidus (Ardi) found by Tim D. White in 1994. The most well-known hominid discovery is Australopithecus afarensis (Lucy). Known locally as Dinkinesh, the specimen was found in the Awash Valley of Ethiopia's Afar Region in 1974 by Donald Johanson, and is one of the most complete and best preserved adult Australopithecine fossils ever uncovered. Lucy's taxonomic name refers to the region where the discovery was made. The hominid is estimated to have lived 3.2 million years ago


Lalibela Rock Hewn Church

During the late 19th-century Scramble for Africa, Ethiopia was one of two nations to retain its sovereignty from long-term colonialism by a European colonial power. Many newly-independent nations on the continent subsequently adopted its flag colors. Ethiopia was also the first independent member from Africa of the 20th-century League of Nations and the United Nations.

AxumFailedes Castle

Ethiopia use the ancient Ge'ez script, which is one of the oldest alphabets still in use in the world. The Ethiopian calendar, which is approximately seven years and three months behind the Gregorian calendar. The country is the site of the Migration to Abyssinia and the oldest Muslim settlement in Africa at Negash.

It is the origin for Coffee Arabica (found in the Kaffa zone of Ethiopia); home of ancient civilization of construction comprising of the rock-hewn Church of Saint George, Lalibela (oldest gothic architecture, constructed in the 13th Century), Obelisk of Aksum (dated back in the 4th Century) and the castle of Fasilides.

L’abyssine is not only for-profit company, instead it promotes the Ethiopian tourism in every activities it is engaged in, thereby to support many heads back in homeland. We serve Ethiopian traditional food in the big festivals known across many parts of Europe, where there is no Ethiopian nor African representation, except L’abyssine for the past 13 solid years.

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